Over the past few years, the concept of personal branding has witnessed increased attention as various market verticles get increasingly more competitive. This highlights the importance of establishing a personal brand. A personal brand is simply an intentional and strategic effort made toward positioning yourself as an authority in your field to let you enjoy long-lasting benefits from your experience, knowledge, and exposure. Building your personal brand is an excellent way to let other people know your ethos, mission, and goals.

Most of us are aware of high-profile personalities with a strong personal brand – Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and several other public figures. The personal brand of these personalities gives other people a certain level of understanding of the type of person they are.

Why Do You Need To Build a Personal Brand?

There is a constant change in the way we share, network, and establish an audience around our jobs and businesses, especially with the quick turnover rate of social media. But it would be worth investing in something that will ensure longevity and provide long-lasting benefits that go beyond the instant comments and likes – building an astonishing number of devoted subscribers for many years to come. So, as an artist, what are the key points you should know when trying to build a personal brand? 

Focus On the Long-Term Goal

Perhaps, the first thing you should bear in mind is that your present actions and behaviour need to reflect your vision for the future, especially if you desire to be around for several decades to come. As you use various social media platforms, always remember that their usage serves a goal that exceeds the platforms. This implies that you have to set big goals since such goals can directly determine the kind of small actions you take while accomplishing them. So, ask yourself; what exactly are social media platforms helping you to build? In what ways are they helping you to secure a space in your field for several decades, even when such platforms cease to exist? These are some of the relevant questions you need to answer to let you play the long-term game.

Build Your Unique Platform

We all know that change will always be the only constant thing – social media platforms may at some point change their policies which might affect a brand. But have you considered what would happen to your brand when a social media platform ceases to exist or comes up with unfavourable policies? As an artist, one of the smartest ways to overcome this issue is to incentivise people who are interested in your brand to discover your latest works as well as content that are worthwhile on your unique website or other platforms you own rather than only on third-party apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and several others.

Make Yourself an Authority

A unique platform offers you a deeper connection with your audience. Create a treasure trove of relevant information, ideas, and works that will promote meaningful interaction with people who visit your website. It should offer visitors lots of materials that will entertain, inspire and even provide answers to some of their questions. Remember, a platform is not necessarily a personal website; instead, it should suit the specific type of art you are making and the goals you want to achieve.

Make Yourself an Authority

Part of the things you need to do when you own your platform is to focus on creating an up-to-date catalogue of relevant information or content. You will increase your chances of becoming an authority in your niche when you create and curate great content. This is what compels people to gradually search for you first in your specific industry while looking for new and relevant content. This is what makes you authority as an artist and further increases your leverage. 

Secure Your Loyal Followers 

Search for loyal followers – like-minded people – who are very interested in your works and the things you have to say. These people are regarded as your tribe, and they usually have a sense of belonging as a community. Most people are always looking for leaders who have been able to create solutions to some of their major challenges. As an artist, you can take advantage of this opportunity and establish yourself as a leader that is worth following.

Building a great personal brand begins with having an excellent understanding of who you are as an artist, the things you stand for, your marketplace, and also a good understanding of your positioning. Build your personal brand around your work because people will always need people, and you may eventually be the person others will depend on for direction. Remember, crafting your personal brand requires that you lay a good foundation that you can authentically and confidently build upon. It requires authenticity! Avoid crafting a persona – this is just a facade and not a true reflection of who you truly are. Strategically and purposefully showcase your authentic self to your tribe. Endeavour to make your personal brand a true reflection of your values, beliefs, skills, and passion.

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