Artists looking for exposure are increasingly turning to social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, artists should be conscientious because while these sites have many uses, they also carry their own pitfalls. Understanding how to use these websites to best benefit your career will help you build a solid fan base while building your image.

Some social media is strictly aimed at potential customers and can generate direct sales for your business. At the same time, other sites are more geared to connect you to the experts and curators that can provide you with your next major break. And then there are the mixed bags, offering both networking and marketing opportunities. A social media agency or creative agency experienced in working with both parties and who also understands the importance of the artist relationship can benefit both parties involved. 

Social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become essential platforms for contemporary artists. The best social media platform for emerging artists should be something that allows you to make friends and gain followers. Social media platforms are especially useful for showcasing artists who are just starting out or want to promote a personal website. 

Variety of social media platforms for artists

There are several social media platforms that artists can use to promote themselves and their portfolio. Artists can use blogs (such as Medium), Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to gain exposure for themselves and their artwork.

Blogs are the obvious choice, it also allows you to add a little personality. Make sure you update your blog regularly so that it stays fresh and keeps your followers interested. 

You can also join groups where people can post about their passions or topics related to your work. 

A great way to use social media platforms for artists is to create a page specifically for your work. This page can link to your blog or website, but it will also link to your other social media accounts so that you can gain additional followers and connect with people who are interested in what you have to say. 

Creating a page that you maintain with regular posts is best; it doesn’t have to be daily. Simply creating one or two every week or so will give your readers something to follow and keep up to date on. Your followers on social media platforms are a great place to find new buyers and promote your artworks.

For instance, Facebook offers artists the opportunity to create fan pages and connect with followers. A Facebook fan page can be an ideal way for you to showcase your talent and attract attention from a wide variety of people.

Instagram is another outstanding social media platform for artists looking to drive traffic to their website. Instagram is similar to Facebook in that it allows you to share pictures and information about your work. Instagram has a lot of visual appeals and is fast becoming one of the most popular sites for visual artists to promote themselves. An exciting feature of Instagram is the ability to follow artists that are not yet on Facebook.

Another benefit of social media platforms for artists is that they help you stay in contact with your audience and provide you with a chance to interact with them. Creating a blog (such as Medium) allows you to leave comments on other people’s blog posts and share your work through several social media platforms. Blogs can also be used as portfolio sites, allowing you to display your work in a professional manner. Creators can take advantage of this opportunity to build relationships with their audience and show off their skills. If you are a designer, for example, with an eye for colour, creating blog posts that display your work and discuss colour trends is a great way to showcase your talents.

For artists looking to make the most of social media but don’t know where to start, please get in touch to see how we can help.